Make your brand excel with a spot, one of the best ways to promote your products. Well known for its brevity, being its standard time 30 seconds.

Advertising is everything in today's world, with well-known benefits and repercussions.

To get the desired results, the campaign must be clear to whom it is directed to. In this way, we will know the profile and age of our potential customers to find the appropriate spot programming.

We will put all the necessary means, national announcers, directors of photography, covers of famous songs, motion graphics, actors .... So that our customers show in half a minute the essence of their product.


Amaze everybody with your products.


The best option to show the product in all its splendor


A familiar face usually trustworthy. Your product plus a famous face they like, is an excellent combination to empower our product.


Real people, real customers speaking about the product, making the message credible. Potential customers can feel identified with them, creating a trust bond.


Show how your product can improve the customer's lifestyle, and make it better, rather than bombard them with technical specifications.


Take a problem, then present your product as the solution.


Video examples

Questions & Answers

What are the payment options?

Once accepted the budget and script, a 50% of the total will be paid, VAT included. The remaining amount will be due when the video is completed. In case you need to rent a room or special location, the client will pay the amount on the agreed date.

How are budgets made?
What kind of camera can I use?

We offer different types of cameras, from video Xdcam Ex, versatile and ideal for any type of event to Dslr, cameras, with a wide range of lenses that achieve a cinematic look. Cinematography, with larger sensors, better codecs and lenses offering high-end performance and quality, such as Black Magic or Red.

Should I choose video cameras, dslr or higher type like BlackMagic and Red?

We help you choose through video examples so you can see the difference between formats and especially their lenses. We fit your budget but we recommend high-end camera equipment.

How long has been your Company active?

Proyecktor started its odyssey in 2014, founded by Jose Rafael Miras aka "Jota", which since he finished his studies in New York in 1995, has been working for a variety of TV channels and production companies in different parts of Spain, acquiring a vital experience for his job.

In what format do I deliver the spot to the TV channel?

Each channel has its preferences, we can hand you any format you may need as digital Betacam, Hdcam Sr or any codec and compression.

Can you shoot a spot with a low budget?

It is not appealing but it can be done. You will have to coordinate lots of elements in a "magical" way, anyway, we are fully open to new ideas.

What music can be used?

We offer you the possibility of making a "cover" or unique version of the theme that you want adapted to the time of the spot and its possible versions. We also have music libraries at very affordable prices.



... from the first meeting until getting the job done


Our customers come to us with their product, they want to convey and they want to sell. It is time to listen and take good note of everything you would like to achieve and in what terms.

After the first meeting, we began to work on bringing together all the ideas and objectives to present a previous report that guarantees that we have assimilated the ideas of our clients.

The creative phase begins with the main idea, what we want to convey. Next, we will work on history, technical and human resources and their possible locations.

From the good and thorough preparation, we will go to the story board, where we will visualize the plans and their times.


We are ready to press the REC button as we have a detailed shooting plan with the locations, schedules, actors and equipment needed at any time.

Everything is planned, but we like to offer camera shots and alternative takes that can enrich the final result.

As we spend many hours together, the client will be able to enjoy with our team providing any creative suggestions to the development of the shooting.


Voice-over and music are elements with the same importance as the image, so we offer national voices and covers of music hits to fit properly with video editing and graphics.

The color correction and grading will give us that unique touch in the image that gets a link of attraction between the customer and the product introduced in the spot.

Aerial shoots

Bird's-eye view is always amazing and gives a different perspective. This service would make your video to excel above others, to make something different, to stand out from the rest.

I need further information

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