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Preserve the magic of your most special days.

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We portray your reality with our cameras, choosing the moment of reality we want to show.

Weddings are the most demanded product, having greatly improved this genre in recent years, not only the aesthetics, more refined and elaborate, but the equipment used, getting to get works of cinematic style. The use of aerial and underwater shots, cranes, steady cams and spectacular locations get a report where the couple are actors of their own film.

In the same way we want to create a personalized work in each communion and baptism, offering interviews and testimonies of the relatives, introductory videos as a story ... A physical memory to watch with the family year after year.

If you need to cover your graduation party, a disco opening, a student meeting or an exhibition with your later cocktail, we will take care of not losing detail and showing it with all the glamour of the occasion. Preserving your best memories is our aim.


Making your special moments unforgettable


Making every single moment previous to the most special day of your life, a treasure, to store not only in your memories and to be shared with everyone. Let us be part of the preparation, the weeding itself and the days past, with testimonies and images of your honeymoon. Doesn't matter the time passed, they won't fade with time. All of this, with an exquisite treatment of images and sound.


We offer group or individual, recording with multi-camera teams in the church to ensure that all children are seen perfectly from any position. Nothing better than the people involved in this moment as priest, catechist, and parents appear as well, with testimonies. The individual ones fit more to the style and the personality of the children. We will go out to play with them and their friends, we will visit them at their school or in their extracurricular lessons. We will get testimonials from your family and teachers and we will have material to decorate the video of your celebration.


The first unrepeatable moment of your child featuring the whole family. Let us be part of it. We would like you to show you how your joy is perceived from the outside, to record your feeling so the new member of the family can see it in the future. us how you feel and to let the new member of the family know. For this, we record everything you need, taking care of the details of the gifts, your clothes and your room, your testimonies days before or the same day of the baptism, thus keeping a memory worthy of seeing again when the children grow up.


Everybody loves to have fun. Make your own legendary parties while we show it to the rest of the world. We show the best of the best, doesn't matter where it is held. We care and select each plane, since even though we are partying, we want everyone to look like a star


Video examples

Questions & Answers

What kind of camera can I use?

We offer different types of cameras, from video Xdcam Ex, versatile and ideal for any type of event to Dslr, cameras, with a wide range of lenses that achieve a cinematic look. For certain shots, we use action cameras like Go Pro

What are the payment options?

Once accepted the budget and script, a 50% of the total will be paid, VAT included. The remaining amount will be due when the video is completed.

Should I choose video or DSLR cameras?

We help you choose through video examples so you can see the difference between formats and especially their lenses. No difference in price.

How long has been your Company active?

Proyecktor was created in May of 2014, but its founder Jose Rafael Miras "Jota" has being working for different tv channels and production companies in Malaga, Murcia and Almeria since 1995 when he finished his studies of communications- media in New York. He has been in the wedding world since 2000.

Can you hire a single videographer?

Yes, but we recommend for quietness, safety and quality contracting for two. In some cases, more crane operators or steady cams can be budgeted.

Do you also offer photography?

Yes. We work with renowned photographers in different provinces.

Do you record in different locations like mines and old industries?

If you ask us, we will try to dissuade you, since our philosophy is based on the concept of solemn and elegant wedding. So it's hard to imagine in a location thought more for a video clip of a Death Metal band than for newlyweds.

How do you edit the footage?

We give you a main video of 30 minutes with the complete wedding plus a 4-minute high lights video to choose between post wedding or the “very best of”. If you need another formula, we are willing to attend and adapt.



... from the first meeting until getting the job done


The preparation phase in a wedding video is a mixture of illusion, nerves and many variable external factors that we try to organize with clients.

We like to listen to all the proposals and suggestions that our boyfriends have thought to be able to offer them a product adapted to their needs and budget.

We offer recordings from many months before, so you will see the whole process with the preparations. Video invitations, pre wedding and post wedding ... Many times we surprise the couple with some product designed by parents or friends, which requires discretion and extra planning.

Once we have the approval of our proposal by the client, we keep in touch until the recording to solve any unforeseen. Plan B and C will be prepared in case of bad weather for outdoor recordings, although a wet street and under an umbrella will gives us a charming result.


We can start by recording the video invitation, something simple, fun and unexpected for the guests. We compress it to be able to send it through social networks and email.

Then we begin with the recordings of dress, makeup and hairdressing tests while we do the first interviews. We chose special and visually attractive locations to get a cinematic look. What you tell us will be used as a voiceover and you can tell us how you met, anecdotes and secrets ...

A few days before the celebration we will continue to record the meetings of friends and family, to which we will continue to "pull" valuable information about the bride and groom. At this point there is already a relaxed relationship between all of us and this will be reflected in the confidence and tranquility that will come when we get the "men in black" to your homes with our cameras and equipment.

On the appointed day you will have two videographers and we will distribute at the beginning to have time to spare. Although we like a recording style in which we capture what is happening, we will sometimes ask you for a posse or some action that enriches visually.

When we are in the ceremony we take care of picking up a good sound with external recorders, paying special attention to choir or quartets. The rest will be a party and we will capture it, always attentive to surprises and emotional moments.

All we have to do is getting together for the post wedding shooting after your honey moon and we will have chosen the place and time for the best light.


With so much material we have to follow a script that can narrate a story and for this we will help with music and sound environment. Once we have seen all the material we can select the different blocks and we begin to assemble all the elements until we get a video that summarizes with interest everything that happened.

Now we correct and match color and apply a grading to give it a touch of unique and personal color.

The music has a lot of importance but so does the ambient sound, so we'll manage with it so you do not miss out on comments and applause.

We adapt to the different options of delivery formats, be it dvd, blu-ray or pen drive.

Aerial shoots

Bird's-eye view is always amazing and gives a different perspective. This service would make your video to excel above others, to make something different, to stand out from the rest.

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