Corporate videos

The aim is to introduce your business, its mission, objectives and values, how its emphasis and invest.

From the first meeting, we start working in the best script and possible way to strengthen your company´s image.

We have all means you might need, including aerial photography and video to show your business as you have never seen before. We want to highlight it in a visually attractive environment, thus being easier attracting interest from potential clients, emphasizing and making it attractive is an easy way to attract the invest of future costumers.

We offer the possibility of introducing subtitles and voice over in different languages, thus your audiovisual can reach international markets through your website.


Empower your company values


It tells what your company is, it´s story, beginning, achievements, human interaction in short, your essence.


It´s main aim is to cause curiosity and excitement, airing it before the product is launched.



Showing varieties and a new product formats and times adapted to customer needs.



Showing facilities, assembly lines and manufacturing processes.



Museums, foundations, municipalities and ministries.


The type of content is used to explain in detail the operation of the product.



Offering sets, sound and lighting, giant screens and multi camera system for perfect coordination in your presentations.


Support product of any type of corporate video, where patients or clients show their positive assessments to the company or product.

Complex, or one-day production, we stay with our client, to make sure the process is dynamic and enjoyable for all, making sure we all are proud of the final outcome.

Video examples

Questions & Answers

What are the payment options?
Once accepted the budget and script, a 50% of the total will be paid, VAT
included. The remaining amount will be due when the video is completed.
How are budgets made?
The budgets are elaborated basically from part-time or full-time hours,
both recording and editing.
Should I choose video cameras, dslr or higher type like BlackMagic and Red?
We show you the difference between all of them, so you can understand
the variety. We help you choose the best equipment for your project, all
this having in mind your limit budget.
Can I choose a basic recording equipment and use more budget in color correction and post production?
Of course, but there must be a balance between the recording equipment
and post-production. If you want a top class product, the post-production
has to be made with a software capable of squeezing every frame of the
Can I use an original commercial song for my video?

Of course, but it is going to be very expensive. We offer you a cover or version with a more affordable price to your budget. So, it will be yours forever with the rights of use and distribution.

How do you choose the voices of the narrator?

We work with a big range of studios, from local to national. We provide you different samples so you can choose your preferences of voice and language.

How long has been your Company active?

Proyecktor started its odyssey in 2014, founded by Jose Rafael Miras aka "Jota", which since he finished his studies in New York in 1995, has been working for a variety of TV channels and production companies in different parts of Spain, acquiring a vital experience for his job.

What kind of camera can I use?

We have different types of cameras at your disposal, suitable for any project, as the Xdcam Ex, for any kind of event, Dslr to achieve a more cinematic look and top class cinematographic cameras, for the best possible performance.


... from the first meeting until getting the job done


This phase is led by two main questions, what and how. What you want, and how you want it. We start building the project from the base, of what you want. Structuring the video, thematic blocks, locations, contents, voices, languages, headings, titles and graphics.


Here is where the fun begins. Shooting sessions start with all the equipment needed, our staff and customer's staff. Getting ready to make an idea come true.




Editing, color-correction, graphics, credits, voice over, music, dubs and subtitles. All this comes together to have the best final product. Before delivering it a viewing test is performed with the customer, for their evaluation, modification or possible adjustments.

Finally, we deliver the product in one or more formats desired, as: Dvd, Blu-ray, Hdcam sr, or internet formats.


Aerial shoots

Bird's-eye view is always amazing and gives a different perspective. This service would make your video to excel above others, to make something different, to stand out from the rest.

I need further information

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