Musical videos

Promoting and launching artists, combining their music with choreography, fiction scripts and a fine photograpy. It is the main marketing tool for the record market.

We are surrounded by talent, so we put at the disposal of artists all the means that fit their budget to convey feelings through different products and styles.

From the most basic project, "guerrilla" style to the most elaborate clip with a cinematographic short film look. We engage with all kinds of genres, from rock & roll to electronic, flamenco, jazz, metal, church choirs and indie ...

For this we offer you a whole team of technicians and art department who will meet and exceed your expectations: scriptwriters, technical directors, directors of photography, camera operators, sound technicians, gaffers, actors, makeup, props ... a whole team to get a well planned and executed shooting session.


Promote your music with a high-quality product


It is the star product to promote your music in an efficient and fast dissemination. There are different styles, from the mere acting in a scenario simulating a live show, to a short film with a fiction script that interacts with the musicians and actors, to any project of animation ... and the best thing of it all is that we can mix up all these and get a unique art piece.


Where the public interacts with artists in a real and close manner. Whether in small clubs, theaters or auditoriums, we are responsible for recording with multi-camera equipment and technical directing for projection on screens. We want the sound to come up with the same quality and for this, we record from the sound mixer with the basic or multichannel audio recorders in order to be mastered later on at the studio. 


To show the essence of each track, from initial idea to how it was made, garnished with own images from video clips or concerts.


Video examples

Questions & Answers

What kind of camera can I use?

We offer different types of cameras, from video Xdcam Ex, versatile and ideal for any type of event to Dslr, cameras, with a wide range of lenses that achieve a cinematic look. Cinematography, with larger sensors, better codecs and lenses offering high-end performance and quality, such as Black Magic or Red.

What are the payment options?

Once accepted the budget and script, a 50% of the total will be paid, VAT included. The remaining amount will be due when the video is completed. In case you need to hire a club or special location, the client will pay it on the agreed date.

How are budgets made?

The budgets of a video clip are adjusted in relation to the writing of the script, recording and editing days, team of technicians, actors and extras, cameras, lighting, makeup and props among others ...

Should I choose video cameras, dslr or higher type like BlackMagic and Red?

We help you choose through video examples so you can see the difference between formats and especially their lenses. If you want to record your concert in an auditorium or stadium, video cameras are the best decision. If you need a video clip, we will record with any of the other options. We fit your budget and we recommend the equipment that best suits your project.

In what format do I deliver the video clip to the TV channel?

Each channel has its preferences, so if you need it, we offer the possibility to send your tape in Digital Betacam, Hdcam as well as any type of digital file and compression.

How long has been your Company active?

Proyecktor was created in May of 2014, but its founder Jose Rafael Miras "Jota" has being working for different tv channels and production companies in Málaga, Murcia and Almería since 1995 when he finished his studies of communications- media in New York.



... from the first meeting until getting the job done


The video clips could be short films where we mix up the simulation of a live show, a fiction script full of actors and extras that will bring life to a song.

We have a short movie in less than 5 min. For this we will have to start from an initial idea, the lyrics of the song usually help. We offer our clients the possibility of getting involved in the creative phase while we take care of finding the locations, permits and planning all the human and technical means to adapt to their budget.


Everything is planned, organized and approved by our client. We know when, how and what we are going to record, so we let the artists do their work while we take care of the lights, cameras, costumes, makeup ...

As we are not bionic, we also take care of having a good catering, just needed for the success of the shooting session.


We already have all the raw material to start editing. We start to create the first edit of the video, following the agreed script, selecting and mixing the performance of the band with the acting of the talents.

We synchronize the audio with the different video tracks. The rhythm of editing is fundamental as it is the color correction, where we adjust levels from different shots.

Then we move on to the "grading" process which consists of giving a special and artistic look to the color of the shots in order to get that feeling of unity between music and image.

CROLA is the solution to promote you in an effective way. The best way to promote and position yourself inside and outside your city is to let you get known.

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